Imad Al-Qadi

The Founder Professor of Engineering

Director, Illinois Center for Transportation and ATREL

Pavement mechanics, modeling, assessment, and performance prediction, instrumentation, full-scale accelerated testing, modeling of pavement viscoelastic response to tire loading, pavement fracture and reflective cracking, modeling of pavement interface systems including geosynthetics, reinforcement, and strain energy absorption systems,polymerized asphalt rheology and hot-mix asphalt, and nondestructive testing especially ground penetrating radar signal analysis

Christopher Barkan

Associate Professor

Director, Railroad Engineering Program

Railroad Technology, Engineering and Operation, Transportation Safety and Risk Analysis, Railroad Tank Car Design and Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety

Rahim Benekohol


Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation, Transportation System Analysis, Traffic Control, Highway Safety, Traffic Operation, Accident Studies.

William Buttlar


Pavements and Transportation Materials, Mechanical Testing and Characterization of Asphalt Binders and Mixtures, Micromechanics, Finite Element Analysis and Constitutive Model Development, Pavement Fracture, Pavement Instrumentation, Numerical Modeling.

Riley Edwards


Railroad Civil Engineering, Railroad Applications of machine vision, Railroad Infrastructure Maintenance and Management Planning.

Yanfeng Ouyang

Assistant Professor

Transportation & Supply Network Operations, Logistics Systems, Infrastructure System Management, Transportation Safety, Traffic Flow.

Jeffery Roesler

Associate Professor

Pavement Design and Analysis, Jointed Plain and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements, Ultra-thin Whitetopping, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Accelerated Pavement Testing, Fatigue and Fracture of Concrete, Moisture and Temperature Curling.

Erol Tutumluer


Flexible Pavement Analysis and Design, Pavement Materials, Testing and Modeling of Aggregates and Soils, Imaging, Pavement Reinforcement, Layered System Analysis Using Finite Element Method, Artificial Neural Networks.

Donald Uzarski

Adjunct Professor

Railroad Civil Engineering, Railroad Applications of GIS, Railroad Infrastructure Maintenance and Management Planning.


Ernest Barenberg

Pavement Behavior and Performance, Pavement Materials, Pavement Systems, Airport Pavements, Rail Roadbed and Track Systems, Surface and Subsurface Drainage.

Samuel Carpenter

Environmental Effects on Pavement Materials, Recycling, Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Asphalt Mixtures, Performance Based Mix Design, Fracture Mechanics, and Pavement Design.

Michael Darter

Highway and airport pavement engineering, pavement design and analysis, pavement performance, pavement management systems.

Barry Dempsey

Pavement System Design under Climatic Constraints, Soil‑Moisture Properties of Subgrade Soils, Pavement Drainage, Geosynthetic Materials, Complex Composite Materials, Fiber Optic Sensing, and Airport Facilities Design.

Moreland Herrin

Aggregates for Highway Construction, Bituminous Mixture Designs, and Patching Materials.

Marshall Thompson

Soil Stabilization, Pavement Materials, Surficial Soils, Ballast Materials, Flexible Pavement Analysis and Design, and Rail System Analysis and Design.


Carol Czajkowski, Secretary

Leslie Elble, Assistant to the Director, Illinois Center for Transportation

Kim Hagemann, Railroad Program Coordinator

David King, Resource & Policy Analyst, Illinois Center for Transportation

James Meister, Research Engineer

Leslie Sweet Myrick, Technical Editor, Illinois Center for Transportation