Admission to the Graduate College with full status in the transportation program within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is granted to graduates of accredited institutions whose requirements for the bachelor's degree are substantially equivalent to those of the University of Illinois.

Apply to the Program

For a full status admission, the Graduate College requires a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 (B average). This average is computed on the basis of the last 60 semester hours. Applicants with grade point averages of less than 3.0, and applicants from schools with different grading systems, may be considered if evidence is provided indicating that their ability is not appropriately measured by the grades submitted.

Students who do not have sufficient background in the transportation area may be required to take undergraduate transportation courses to become better prepared for graduate studies in transportation.

A thesis option is often selected by M.S. degree candidates, but is not a requirement. A total of 36 hours are required for all candidates who do not prepare a thesis, while 32 hours are required for those who choose to prepare a thesis. Research assistants normally write a thesis on a phase of the work conducted as part of the research project to which they are assigned. M.S. candidates, who expect to continue their graduate work for a Ph.D., are encouraged to complete a thesis to demonstrate their ability to perform independent research. All M.S. candidates typically complete a special problem in their research or coursework which consist of a critical evaluation of the literature on an appropriate topic, and by solving an analytical, numerical, or experimental problem.

Each student's program of study is designed in consultation with a faculty advisor in relation to the student's background and career objectives. Each student takes several courses offered by the department plus appropriate courses in other departments which are outlined in the CEE Graduate Handbook.